Elsie Leung


Dr. Elsie Leung Oi-sie



Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation has been helping those in need for over two decades.

Over the years, many people have been personally touched by Professor Alice Chiu’s lifesaving work. With the money raised by Professor Chiu, Sheen Hok is able to help those underprivileged families with children suffering from amblyopia and cleft lips. Apart from the Amblyopia Project and helping children with cleft lips through Operation Smile, Sheen Hok has extended a helping hand to more than 300 charitable organisations with beneficiaries like infants, orphans, pregnant women, the elderly, disabled persons and victims of natural disasters. It has also helped sponsor universities, build primary schools and subsidise kindergartens and hospitals.

Professor Chiu has devoted herself to pioneering charitable projects and raising money for those in needs around the world. She was the first one to hold a charity concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in 1984 and the first Chairperson of Yan Chai Hospital to hold the Tsing Tsuen Bridge Charity Walk in 1987, and raising a total of HK$ 15 million for Yan Chai Hospital. She has also initiated many services. To name a few examples: She helped establish the first self-financed dental clinic for the Hong Kong citizens, set up an elderly home for Yan Chai Hospital - Chinachem Care and Attention Home, as well asraise funds and set up offices for Hong Kong AIDS Foundation and Hong Kong Marrow Match Foundation.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the most generous support of donors, volunteers, partners and friends all over the world. Your time, efforts and resources given certainly help Sheen Hok scale new heights in its work and extend assistance.