Grandma’s little leaf

Little leaf is a 8 months little girl. When her mother was pregnant for 4 months, they found out this baby had a cleft lips problem after they did ultrasound. Her parents worked far away from their home. After they found out this baby was with cleft lips, they intended to have the abortion. However, little leaf’s grandma stood out and stopped them from doing that. 



Her grandma is a vigorous old lady which has 8 children, 28 grandchildren. However, little leaf was very lucky because her grandma cared about her most and brought her up. In her grandma’s eyes, little leaf was the most precious gift from the heavens. Little leaf grows up like her grandma expected. She was always laughing with her eyes wide open.  With her grandma’s companion, they came to Operation Smile and did the surgery. A new page of her life has been turned already!