Greater China Culture Global Association: Promoting Chinese culture to the world

Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation also contributes its unfailing efforts in promoting Chinese culture. We provide support to Greater China Culture Global Association (GCCGA) which aims to promote Chinese culture and enhance its international status. The GCCGA was established in Hong Kong in 2005. It aims to promote Chinese culture around the world. Related courses and activities include programs about the Chinese language, literature, history, art and opera.


The GCCGA has organized art exchange programs for local educators and tailor-made professional Putonghua training courses for enterprises. In 2009, in memory of the 445th birthday of Shakespeare, the GCCGA presented the first-ever performance of "Hamlet" in Putonghua in the birthplace of Shakespeare, which demonstrated thoroughly the exchange of western and Chinese cultures.


In 2015, GCCGA has organized three major events:


Celebrity Chef’s Charity Dinner 2015(2015.2.12)

Sheen Hok Fan’s Charity Concert (2015.3.25)

Heart Panda - World's First Giant Panda Public Art World Tour “LET’S LOVE 善.愛” Hong Kong Exhibition (2015.10.26-11.4)