Mr. Louis Chiu  

    Prof. Alice Chiu

    BBS, JP


Mr. Louis S.C. Chiu is the Chairman of Henyep Development Holdings Ltd which has grown rapidly into one of Hong Kong’s leading local financial services companies since its inception in the 1970’s. Under its umbrella is a group of companies specialising in the trading of securities and precious metals, public floatation and underwriting, financial consultancy, corporate finance, real estate development, fund management and other related services. These companies have presence in major financial centres of the world nowadays. Mr. Chiu is keenly involved in charity work and is recognised as a successful businessman and an outstanding philanthropist with a heart.

Prof. Alice Chiu Tsang Hok Wan has played key roles in many charitable organisations since 1970's. She is a successful entrepreneur and a renowned philanthropist who has tirelessly devoted herself to wide-ranging community services in Hong Kong, mainland China and across the world.

Prof. Chiu's phenomenal accomplishments have brought her numerous recognition and awards, including “Outstanding Philanthropist by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service”, “The Most Amazing Woman in Hong Kong”, “The Leading Women Entrepreneur of the World”, “World Outstanding Chinese Award”, “Gusi Peace Prize”, “The Outstanding Contributions to Humanity” and so on. She is also Chairperson of Operation Smile International Charitable Foundation, Founding Fundraising Committee Chairperson of Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, Director of Peking University Education Foundation, President of Greater China Culture Global Association, permanent member of the Advisory Board of the Yan Chai Hospital, Co-Chairman of The Community Chest Campaign Committee, etc.